Is Foundation Repair Worth It in Springfield? (Expert Tips)

January 1, 2022

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Have you been putting off home foundation repair in Springfield? Many homeowners avoid scheduling this service simply because they don’t realize the importance of needed fixes! Since concrete slabs or pier and beam foundations are out of sight, it’s also easy to overlook developing damage. Homeowners also might not realize the danger of cracked and bowing basement walls.

Before you go another day without scheduling needed foundation repair, consider why this work is so vital. You can then discuss your property with a foundation repair contractor near you as needed. This will ensure your home is in good condition from the bottom up!

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What Happens If You Ignore Needed Foundation Repair in Springfield?

To understand why foundation repair in Springfield is so vital, consider what happens when you ignore needed fixes!

Damaging moisture

First, note that foundation cracks let moisture into a home. Wood framing often absorbs that moisture, risking rot and other damage. Moisture collecting behind walls and under flooring also encourages mold and mildew growth.

Moisture in the home also attracts insects and rodents. Not only are these pests bothersome and unhygienic, but they also risk costly damage to the house! Rodents might chew on wires and insulation while termites and carpenter ants can cause thousands of dollars in damages to wood framing and drywall.

Since moisture tends to run to the lowest point in a home, you might notice it more in a basement or utility room. This moisture risks rusted appliances and damage to any items stored in those spaces!

Secondary damage around the property

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The longer you ignore needed foundation repair, the higher the risk of secondary damage around your home. A weak foundation allows a house to sink so that it begins to pull on interior and exterior surfaces. This typically means cracks along inside walls, and outside brick walls, and chimney stacks.

Ceiling cracks also tend to form as a house sinks on a damaged foundation. You might also notice gaps in room corners, as drywall panels pull away from each other. Drywall nails might pop out of place, forming gaps between those sheets.

In severe cases, room floors might buckle or crack, or floor tiles slip out of place. Roofing materials might also crack or pull away from the roof decking. As plumbing pipes get pulled away from connectors, water leaks form. This risks costly wood rot and mold growth.

Foundation damage and property values

house foundation repair in springfield

Homeowners should also note that foundation damage tends to get worse over time! Those cracks often get deeper and wider and more likely to absorb moisture the longer they’re ignored.

Not only does ignoring foundation damage increase the risk of costly repairs, but this can also affect property values. The more severe the foundation damage, the less likely buyers are to purchase a home. Property values are based on what that house might sell for on the real estate market. Homes with damaged foundations then lose value quickly.

Do All Older Homes Need Foundation Repair?

Age can increase the risk of foundation damage, as concrete and other pieces can degrade over time. However, high-quality materials installed correctly can last for decades, if not indefinitely! If you’re considering buying an older home, have it inspected thoroughly, but don’t assume its foundation is in disrepair.

Homeowners should also have their own homes inspected regularly, and especially if the home is a few decades old. New homes also need regular foundation inspections. Your builder may have used poor-quality materials or installation techniques, risking premature damage. Excessive moisture in the soil can also risk foundation damage, no matter its age.

How Do You Avoid Foundation Damage?

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The best way to lower your foundation repair costs is to avoid damage in the first place! Moisture is typically the leading cause of premature and otherwise avoidable foundation damage. Ensure your property is graded toward the street or a nearby drain.

Homeowners should also avoid managing large-scale landscaping jobs themselves. New plantings or removing thick hedges and other growth can affect drainage around your home. If your landscaping plans include more than just a few new flowerbeds, call a professional to handle the job.

Waterproofing and regular inspections also protect a foundation and allow you to schedule timely repairs, keeping damage to a minimum. Also, never settle for less than a highly-trained, experienced contractor for foundation work. This will ensure quality repairs that last!

Springfield Foundation Repair Specialists is happy to help answer the question, is foundation repair in Springfield worth it? Hopefully, you’ve found this information helpful! If you’re in need of expert fixes, call our Springfield foundation repair contractors. We offer FREE foundation inspections and price quotes. To get started, just give us a call!


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