6 Signs You Require Foundation Crack Repair in Springfield

July 12, 2022

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Have you been putting off needed foundation crack repair in Springfield? Some homeowners might be doing just that, but without even realizing it! One reason for this is that homeowners don’t always recognize signs of foundation damage. Two, many homeowners also don’t realize the seriousness of foundation issues and secondary damage around their homes.

To ensure you’re keeping your home in good condition, check out six signs that it’s time for foundation crack repair. Then, discuss your property with a repair contractor near you as needed. He or she can perform an inspection and note needed fixes around your home!

1. Wall cracks often signal needed foundation crack repair in Springfield

You might not associate wall cracks with needed foundation crack repair in Springfield. However, don’t simply patch over those unsightly cracks and other damage. As a foundation weakens, it tends to settle along one side or another. Next, this settling pulls on solid surfaces in your home, including drywall and plaster.

Consequently, unsightly cracks tend to form in homes needing foundation repair. These cracks are often most visible along window and door frames. If left unchecked, they might also tend to spread and get worse! Schedule a foundation inspection if you notice these cracks in your home.

cracking foundation on a home in springfield

2. Don’t assume damp, musty basements are normal

Homeowners often assume that basements are just naturally damp and musty. However, this isn’t really the case, and you shouldn’t overlook these issues in your home. Damp, musty basements often signal foundation cracks and resultant leaks.

Also, dampness trapped in a basement might risk foundation issues! Concrete walls and floors absorb that moisture, risking cracks, leaks, and spalling. Have a foundation contractor check for these issues rather than simply addressing dampness in your home’s basement.

3. Foundation cracks often risk mold and mildew growth

There are many reasons why you might notice mold along walls and mildew underneath carpeting in your home. One, plumbing leaks risk mold growth behind walls. Two, trapped humidity can mean unpleasant mold and mildew in your home.

However, note that foundation cracks also let in moisture that risks mold and mildew growth. If you’ve ruled out plumbing issues, poor ventilation, and other causes, check the foundation! Patching those leaks keeps your home dry and prevents mold and mildew growth.

4. How are the floorboards under your feet?

A damaged foundation needing crack repair risks soft, spongy floorboards underfoot for two reasons. One, a sinking home pulls on those boards, risking cracks and weakening. Two, those floorboards absorb moisture seeping in through foundation cracks. If you notice soft floorboards or creaking and groaning from the subflooring, have the home’s foundation checked!

shifting foundation with brick exterior in springfield

5. Doors and windows can signal needed Springfield foundation crack repair

As a home settled on a weak foundation, it pulls door and window frames out of a level position. In turn, those doors and windows might stick, and doors might open on their own! Also, you might struggle to lock doors and windows securely.

A homeowner might check this issue with a simple household level. Set this on top of a door or window frame to note any sagging. Then, call a foundation repair contractor to schedule a needed inspection!

6. Has the property suffered flooding or other damage?

While foundation concrete is solid and stable, it’s not immune to damage from flooding, earthquakes, sinkholes, and the like. Even flooding from a damaged sprinkler system can mean eventual foundation cracks and leaks. Also, some homeowners might drill through basement walls or their home’s flooring without realizing they’re causing damage!

If your home or property has gone through flooding or any similar damage, schedule a foundation inspection. A contractor can check for cracks, leaks, spalling, and similar issues. Also, a repair contractor might note risks around your property, such as improper sloping or overly moist soil.

Above all, have a foundation contractor check your property if you suspect damage for any reason! Most companies offer free foundation inspections and price quotes. Also, an inspection can tell you if the foundation is in good repair and damage-free. In turn, you can know your home’s condition and prepare for foundation fixes as needed.

Springfield Foundation Repair Specialists is happy to provide this information about foundation crack repair in Springfield to our readers. Hopefully, you found it helpful and informative! If you’re ready for expert services, call our Springfield foundation repair contractors. We’ll schedule a no-cost inspection and price quote. Moreover, we guarantee our repair work to last. To get your home started with the foundation repair, it needs to have done, call us today.


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