Why Is Your Crawl Space Wet in Springfield?

May 6, 2022

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Keeping a crawl space in a Springfield home in good condition is vital for protecting against expensive foundation damage! Pier and beam foundations lift home off the ground, creating that crawl space. In turn, trapped moisture and dampness risk foundation water damage, wood rot, and other costly repairs.

Knowing a little bit about why crawl spaces often trap moisture can help you protect your home’s foundation. Consequently, you can avoid otherwise unnecessary repair costs while using a crawl space for storage! Check out some vital information about crawl space waterproofing in Springfield and how to maintain them properly.

What Causes a Wet Crawl Space in Springfield?

Trapped moisture is what usually causes a wet crawl space in Springfield. This moisture might result from:

  • A leaking pipe underneath the home itself
  • Leaking underground sprinkler systems
  • Excess ground moisture
  • Excess condensation
  • Floodwaters that don’t drain properly
  • Leaking water or sewer lines buried under the crawl space
  • Cracks along the home’s foundation or underside allowing moisture out

Also, improper encapsulation or vapor barrier installation might trap moisture. Homeowners might not realize that they shouldn’t enclose a crawl space completely when they encapsulate the space. In turn, it’s best to leave this work to the professionals.

Now that you know the common causes of moisture in a crawl space, what can you do to prevent this issue? Check out a few quick suggestions to discuss with a foundation repair contractor near you.

A wet crawl space needing foundation repair in Springfield.

How Do I Get Rid of Moisture In My Crawl Space?

There are a few simple solutions for getting rid of moisture in a crawl space. First, isolate the problem causing that trapped moisture! Second, ensure you’ve addressed any leaking pipes, sprinklers, and other fixtures. Also, keep gutters clean and clog-free and invest in larger gutters if needed.

If you’ve made needed plumbing and other repairs, it’s time to address the soil under the home’s crawl space. A sump pump captures moisture in a pit and then pumps it away from the crawl space, keeping it dry. Additionally, grading the soil ensures moisture runs away from the home and to a nearby street or drain.

Similarly, a foundation repair contractor can install a commercial-grade dehumidifier in the crawl space. A dehumidifier is an excellent solution for humid and tropical areas especially. Lastly, encapsulation helps repel moisture before a foundation can absorb that humidity.

Is It Normal to Have a Little Water In a Crawl Space?

A little water in a crawl space is normal, especially in humid or tropical environments. However, this doesn’t mean you should ignore that moisture indefinitely! Wood piers, beams, framing, and other elements absorb that moisture quickly. In turn, your home might soon suffer wood rot, structural instability, mold, and other damage.

Note, too, that insects and rodents seek out water sources as much as food sources. Consequently, that trapped moisture can mean an unpleasant infestation! Not only are pests bothersome but they can also mean costly damage to wiring, drywall, wood framing, and other materials.

With this in mind, it’s vital that you address moisture in a home’s crawl space no matter the amount. If encapsulation or other solutions are out of your budget, consider a vapor barrier. These provide added protection against moisture and humidity for less cost than full encapsulation. Your waterproofing contractor can also suggest solutions for your home’s crawl space.

Encapsulation for foundation repair in springfield.

Is Mold In a Crawl Space Normal?

Mold in a crawl space is rather normal. Spores in the air only need a damp, dark space to grow and thrive. However, as with a small amount of moisture, you don’t want to overlook mold simply because it’s so common! Once mold starts to grow it can then easily spread to a home’s framing and interior spaces.

In turn, you’ll want to clean growing mold and take the steps needed to prevent it from returning. First, clean the mold with 3% hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle. Second, address the excess moisture that contributed to mold growth.

Homeowners would also do well to schedule regular foundation and crawl space inspections. An inspection can spot trapped moisture as well as mold, wood rot, and other issues. That inspection can also alert you to needed repairs including cracked piers and beams. In turn, you can make timely fixes and protect your home from structural damage.

Springfield Foundation Repair Specialists is happy to provide this information about maintaining a crawl space in Springfield. Hopefully you found it helpful! If it’s time for crawl space fixes on your property, call our Springfield foundation repair contractors. We offer full-scale repairs and waterproofing, guaranteed in writing. To find out more, call us today!


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