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Do You Need House Leveling in Springfield?

House leveling for Springfield properties is an excellent choice for returning a structure to a level and even position. House leveling, also called slab jacking or mud jacking, isn’t always as complicated or expensive as you might assume, so there’s no reason to put off this work for your property!

If you’ve been told your home needs foundation leveling or if the structure is showing signs of settling and sinking, it’s vital that you schedule this work quickly. The longer you put off needed slab jacking, the more extensive and costly that damage becomes! Your home will also typically suffer expensive secondary damage including wall cracks and buckled floors.

For expert house leveling and other foundation repairs, call the trained technicians here at Springfield Foundation Repair Specialists. We ensure quality fixes with only the most durable house leveling jacks and other materials, and guarantee our work to last.

For more information about house leveling or to get started with a FREE inspection and price quote, just give us a call today!

Foundation cracks often indicate needed house leveling in Springfield.
Preparing a property for house leveling in Springfield.

What Is House Leveling for Springfield Properties?

Springfield house leveling is often the best choice for sunken or settled homes. When leveling a house foundation, a contractor will first drill holes through the foundation concrete. A specialty slurry or grout is then injected into the space under the foundation through those openings.

Sunken areas of a house are then lifted and leveled, using specialty hydraulic equipment. The injected slurry then dries, keeping the structure level and providing added support for that foundation section. Cracks might need filling and patching, but the entire process typically lasts for decades if not indefinitely.

If you still have questions about slab jacking, give us a call here at Springfield Foundation Repair Specialists. We can answer those questions and then schedule your inspection and FREE price quote appointment at a time that’s most convenient for you!

Don’t put off needed foundation leveling another day! Call us right now to get started with all the repairs you need to have done.

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Check These Signs for Needed Springfield House Leveling!

A full-scale inspection is the best choice for determining if your property needs house leveling in Springfield. However, once a home begins to sink on a weak foundation, you might notice some signs that it’s time to schedule slab jacking, including:

  • Cracks along interior walls, especially near door and window frames
  • Cracked ceilings or buckled and sagging ceiling sections
  • Warped subflooring, creating a soft feeling under foot or creaking floorboards
  • Floor tiles that pull away from their grout or separate from each other
  • Exterior wall cracks or a cracked and crumbling chimney stack
  • Uneven surfaces and materials, such as wall shelving, window frames, and floors
  • Dampness in the home, and especially standing water in basements
  • Mold growth along walls and mildew developing underneath carpets and carpet padding

If you notice any of these issues around your property, call our team here at Springfield Foundation Repair Specialists. We’ll perform a FREE inspection and explain your options for repairs, so you know your property is in good condition from top to bottom.

Mold and water damage might signal needed house leveling in Springfield.
Preparing concrete for house leveling in Springfield.

What Makes Us the #1 Choice for House Leveling in Springfield

Never leave needed Springfield house leveling to just anyone! Leveling a house foundation requires years of training as well as commercial-grade equipment designed just for the job. Using poor-quality house-leveling jacks or concrete can mean fixes that don’t last and the need for added repairs down the road.

For expert foundation leveling you can trust, turn to the team here at Springfield Foundation Repair Specialists. We have over 20 years of experience, and foundation repair services and waterproofing are all we do! We start every project with a thorough inspection and take the time needed to ensure expert fixes that last.

We are so confident in our work that we also guarantee those fixes to last, and put that promise in writing. If you’re ready to get started with the slab jacking you need to have done for your property, give us a call here at Springfield Foundation Repair Specialists today.

Don’t trust your needed foundation repairs to just anyone. Call our trained experts for your FREE quote and slab jacking consultation today!



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We Offer All the Foundation Repair in Springfield You Need to Have Done!

Protect your property with expert, reliable foundation repair for Springfield properties by the pros here at Springfield Foundation Repair Specialists. With over two decades of experience, you can trust us for all your needed commercial and residential foundation repair work, including crack patching, underpinning, bowing basement wall repair, and house leveling.

We also provide durable waterproofing solutions including crawl space encapsulation and vapor barriers. For more information or a FREE inspection and price quote, give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and schedule a convenient appointment time that works for you.

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