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Slab jacking for Springfield properties is an excellent choice for sunken structures. Mud jacking or foundation leveling, as the process is also called, starts with excavation around a damaged foundation. Next, a contractor pours specialty slurries or mud into those excavations which then dries and lifts that structure. Springfield Foundation Repair Specialists can explain more about this repair process!

A contractor might suggest house leveling if you’ve neglected needed foundation repair over the years. Also, this process helps lift a structure built on soft or otherwise unstable soil. Slab jacking foundation repair lifts that structure and keeps it level.

With this in mind, why not call our expert crew for your FREE inspection and concrete lifting price quote? We’ll schedule a convenient appointment and explain all your options for foundation repair.

Excavation for slab jacking in Springfield MO.
Cracked walls indicating needed slab jacking.

Does Your House Need Slab Jacking or Leveling?

A full-scale inspection is the best choice for determining if your house needs slab jacking or leveling. However, you might note some signs around the property indicating needed foundation repair:

  • Wall and ceiling cracks inside the home
  • Exterior wall cracks
  • Cracks along basement walls and flooring
  • Drywall sections pulling away from each other and room corners
  • Popped drywall nails
  • Obvious sunken floors under foot including soft spots and floorboard creaking
  • Doors and windows that stick or become difficult to lock securely

If you notice any of these issues around your home, call us about needed house leveling! We’ll inspect your property from top to bottom and offer a no-obligation price quote. For more information, just contact us today.

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Is Slab Jacking Disruptive to a Property?

If you suspect your property needs slab jacking, you might wonder if this process is disruptive or somehow damaging. In truth, a homeowner can typically stay in their home during slab jacking foundation repair in Springfield. However, you do want to ensure everyone, including children and pets, stay away from the workers during this project.

Also, note that concrete leveling is not somehow damaging to other materials or surfaces around your property. Instead, this process can help close cracks along walls and a home’s roof. Additionally, mud jacking often lasts for years if not decades, protecting your home from future damage. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Excavation for needed slab jacking.
A contractor performing slab jacking in Springfield MO.

Why Call Us for Springfield MO Slab Jacking?

When your property needs slab jacking, underpinning, or any foundation repair, give us a call! What makes us #1? One reason to trust our crew is that we offer over 20 years of experience, ensuring a quality job. Two, we put our guarantee in writing!

Additionally, we treat every property as we would want our home treated. Our team always endeavors to keep mess and disruption to a minimum. We’re also happy to answer all your questions before work begins.

So, why keep putting off that call? Protect your property by contacting the experts here at Springfield Foundation Repair Specialists for your FREE quote. Whatever your property needs for foundation repair and waterproofing, we get the job done right!



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"When we discovered that our basement had a leak, we struggled to figure out who to call. Thankfully, we were pointed in the direction of Springfield Foundation for foundation crack repair and waterproofing. It's been months now and we've yet to experience even a drop of water leak into our basement. Thanks again!"
- Leonard C.

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Springfield Foundation Repair Specialists is the leading supplier of expert foundation repair and waterproofing services. Call us for crawl space encapsulation, pier and beam replacement, basement wall repair, and concrete slab patching. We provide guaranteed underpinning, leveling, leak repair, and more. For your FREE quote, contact us right now!

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